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Tárhelyszolgáltató adatai

Tárhelyszolgáltató adatai


"Nature is not only visible, internal image of the soul also part of the images, which are beyond the eye." / Edward Munch /
Was once upon a time ...

"Nature is not only visible, internal image of the soul also part of the images, which are beyond the eye." / Edward Munch /
Was once upon a time ...

Sometime in the food and nutritional supplements in the mists of the Big Bang in 2006 was a businesswoman who has repeatedly talked about: creating a unique company in the world. But the days went passed, even though one trial after another came to the system just did not want to come together. But many people expected it. The sick people were waiting for him. Children and their parents were waiting for him. The athletes who were waiting for him and just wanted a healthy life. Were waiting for him to doctors, medical practitioners, inventors.

Among the latter is a powerful man, who is the leading topic of the source solution.

"Do I not have been that such a system, I sold my product. After all, I consider myself a researcher, and the science for me is not about building the business. And a scientist, it does not do you any money." - John remembers Udvardi

Man does not plan to carry out seating. In a hearing held in November 2006, they engaged in the direction of the leading ideas. Followed by a word. The inventor and business woman agreed. Commonly start their work and show it, do not fall from the clouds never build a hotel system. Other sources can be the precursor solution to produce.

Where did John Udvardi such knowledge? We have been researching the production of secret source solution. His wife became ill and called for time, the recovery is had. Realized that this product not only to his wife, but could help many people in the world.

Just a few months, the excellent relationship developed between the inventor and business woman and as a result of the business is growing explosively and already working on continuous improvement. Not surprisingly, the world has accelerated more so was the role of the Internet on 24 February 2007 were posted on the World Wide Web address www.prillian.hu. Soon the website in Slovak, English, Romanian, German and Russian languages ​​shall also be provided and plans are being much, much more readable language.

One after another came to light with new ideas for both the inventor and business woman part. The source solution products 12 products have been expanded and a new Harmony product family has been in the system. In their center in Szekesfehervar (Hungary) was created.

Just a few more months after the operation, the radio station talking about their products. It seems the future of products and potential. 24 February 2007 on the system Prillian teamed up and began to walk the path to conquer the world.

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