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Az adatfeldolgozók elérhetőségei

Az adatfeldolgozók elérhetőségei

John Udvardi: Inventor



Microbiologist Francis Gulácsi report by inventor John Udvardi
The rumor about you that you are the father of a polymath, and almost the whole of Central Europe Prillian forrásoldatnak available. Who can respect in you, really?
Udvardi, John, I am an inventor. Handyman I am not, but I really, I developed the device, which is set in the source solution.

Please tell us how to deal with colloidal started!
First, an electrolysis unit operating on the principle I have built, but I noticed at the beginning of the resulting colloidal negative physiological effects.
I also realized that the electrolysis device can not be operating on the principle of all materials to produce colloidal solution, and it would be worth.

I started thinking about how the solutions produced by electrolysis to eliminate adverse human health properties, solution of smaller particle size and particle size of colloid produce nearly atomic.

He got the idea that an amount of nuclear energy should be entered into, that can be provided to break the bond from the metal lattice.
This method was developed, and so I could have completely different colloid-quality produce, which has no adverse health effects.
With this new technology a few nanometer grain size and concentration of the available conventional technology can be many times longer to achieve.
This technology was obtained from the equipment?
When the former theory is developed, there was also the fact that what this device can be realized.
After many unsuccessful attempts to complete the solution used today. Of my dear, I made it all the electrical units, ranging from those components that are continuous operation, through that, to ensure consistent quality. Here, you can not allow something like the cows that once such other times to give a milk ...

The source is a colloidal solution is practically. How is it different to your other colloid solution colloid solution from?
First, should clarify the definition of colloidal solutions. Practically all colloidal solution in which the dispersed (dissolved) grain size between 1 to 1000 nanometers, and shows the so-called. Tyndall light scattering phenomena.

Pause for a moment, what is the Tyndall light scattering?
In a liquid, or even the air is the light scattered by small particles. The sky example. is not really blue, just because we see the phenomenon of light scattering. This is similar to colloidal solutions, the particles depends on the size of the scattered light is what.

Hmm, I could say something clear and concrete examples?
Of course. The same phenomenon of light scattering can also be used to verify the quality of the solutions. For example, such a laser pointer, which is usually used for presentations, you can light up a bottle of glass in colloidal solution. The stronger the scattered light, the larger the particles in the solution. The effect of concentration of the solution is much less dependent than the size of the particles or granules. The poor quality colloidal eye is clearly visible in the beam path, the solution is made by me in a little, but very faintly.

So if I understand correctly, the electrolytic colloid and your forrásoldata difference between the grain size is it? The electrolytic large-grained, fine-grained to be yours?
That's right, but it is much more than that. The conventional colloidal solutions (let us say, colloidal silver, because it is the best known) may be present in the kolloidszemcse metal particles and metal ions, so the form of a silver ion. Most often both are present, only the ions are higher than 90%. The silver ions are not the only problem is that large, and deposited in tissues, but also to the body by getting into silver salt (eg silver chloride in the stomach) occur, which is nowhere near the biological effectiveness of the real effectiveness of colloids .

So, at a colloid is important to minimize the number of metal ions, and the more metal particles contain?
Yes it is, if the metal particles during the tiny particles a few nanometers for us, then yes. But efficiency is a more important element is, in addition to particle or ionic solution is intended. The biological activity of the particles is dependent on the total surface. The larger the surface area, the more effective the colloidal biological sense.

Hungarian as the solution is concentrated, the more effective?
Yes and no. Let me give a concrete example. A glass of water we put a silver dollar, which has a diameter of 4 cm, the surface of approx. 27.7 cm2. If the same tiny silver, in the form of a nanometer particles injected into the solution, then the same quantity of silver will be the glass of water, so the concentration will be the same, but the latter case, the total particle surface area greater than 11,400 square meters! The smaller the particle size is, the more effective it can be specifically colloidal! The source of a colloidal solution, which is very low ratio of the ionic particles, and the grain size is very small, so the efficiency compared to conventional colloidal hundreds or thousands of times greater.
Let's go back to the source solution. What are the basic material in the source solution?
Multi-source solution, but all of them only so-called four nines purity materials I use, which are reliable, will be derived from a large manufacturer. And of course water is required.
First, available in pharmacies experimenting with distilled water, but the electrical conductivity of about 15 micro Siemens, which was already poor quality of my equipment, because it is not quite clear.
Therefore, a home water treatment system was built (of course, factory-assembled units) at which the current reached 0.2 micro-Siemens clarity. So I have used water as a raw material is about now. 75x cleaner pharmacy distilled water.
What materials can be manufactured colloid?
First, the silver and gold were used. Later came the zinc, selenium, copper
sulfur, silicon, calcium to niobium.

As for me I have a unique manufacturing method that I created different types of colloids can be mixed with each other, while the electrolysis is not prepared for this.

What's the point of the mixed colloids, and to find out what they are mixed because?
The synergistic effect of colloids in the mix, because some types of colloids are more effective together than separately. It's like gunpowder: if you have the components, is effective, but neither is able to separate the firing of a projectile puskacsőből.
Currently, two mixed colloidal solution, we have established over the years, one of the four, the other three colloids by mixing with a corresponding amount. The optimum composition of the mixtures and the rate of bio-resonance device studied, and the best available device assembly manufacturer. Otherwise, not only the solutions but also the complex colloidal gels are made of.

I heard that the colloids may be serious. What are the health risks should be calculated in a colloid-consumer? Toured as the Internet. one recent news that an American man was the silver blue ...
Let's line. Faculty on the man called Paul, and professional circles it is known that what you kékült. Really got a silver argyria called cyanosis, but no silver kolloidtól. On at least four arms made a mistake. Home, home-concocted for himself something that he called me yours. The electrolytic salt solution produced a technique, which is prohibited. Terrible himself made a large amount of fluid consumed, solarium and much changed, which helped to bind the silver salt into the skin and create a beautiful blue level.
The colloid was detected on very few cases that could be dangerous, and then only for the traditional, large-grained colloids prepared by electrolysis could be implemented with suspicion. Hungary, unfortunately, is not the subject literature, but the western, mainly American authors (eg, Dr. George Maass of the CSL-present) clearly demonstrated that the health risks solely on traditional colloids can be connected, like the nano-particle colloid groups than as the source solution, even No one ever managed to prove the world!

What are your plans for the future?
It attempts to plan for these, which are called the periodic table. potential of transition metals like to explore. The test methods include the microscopic picture of water crystal display and the Kirlian method.

Thank you very much for your time!




experiment 1-2

The gold-gel test sample on the microscope stage, these local drive.




experiment 3

The insert of the microscope slide.




experiment 4

The monitor shows the colloids / gold, zinc, copper components /
even distribution of the gel base material. An even distribution of important quality requirement, which is clearly visible on the monitor.




experiment 5

The following analysis of the silver solution source resonance investigated. The study shows that the silver solution contains no other source material is only silver. The oscilloscope can see the silver resonance curve.




experiment 6

The source of silver pH investigated. In the present case shows a pH of 6.83 meter, which shows weak acidity.



 experiment 7

The conductivity meter will show that the amount of liquid colloidal material. The instrument can be seen that the silver forrásoldatban silver is much more than a product manufactured by another.




experiment 8-9

The silver solution laser source examination shows that the grain size is "small". The laser light is not visible. Other products manufactured by the laser stripe strongly visible. The larger the particle, the more powerful the laser light.



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