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We are so confident that our products provide satisfaction and help being healthier for our customers then we give parallel a 100 %  guarantee for all our products and an instant money back guarantee.

Prillian babies

In order to have baby their mother was taking the Prillian products before conception .

The Prillian system upgrades and maintenance in order to March 31 each year until there is the possibility of renewal. This year 12/31/2013.-ig


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Registration conditions

Terms and conditions


The user of the services prior Prillian Hungary Ltd. - free - on the basis of our approved
can use.
Registration is a prerequisite to the user's natural or legal person, and their
An agent, to initiate the registration.
The User commits itself to the registration page factual and verifiable
data about. The User shall promptly of any changes in data
The User shall ensure that the entry for your own purposes only. Particularly
must ensure that the user name and password to unauthorized persons
get it. In the event that an unauthorized person learns your data, the
User shall notify the designated colleague restrict unauthorized access
The User is not entitled to demand registration. The Prillian Hungary Ltd. - Preliminary
notification or without justification - that the User may waive the right of entry if the
- The registration of false statements to him;
- Misuse of the information communicated on the website or influenced by their utility;
- They violated the conditions of registration or entry of data breach
related obligations;
- Long since I visited the website Prillian Hungary Ltd.;
- Has become insolvent.
The user may request in writing at any time of the cancellation of registration in the event that the
cancellation has no effect on any ongoing contractual relationship. In this case,
Each user, and the personal data collected during transactions - where they are already
there is no need - will be deleted.

Prillian Hungary Ltd.

Terms and conditions

The'' system'' Prillian Operating Rules
'' 1.1'' Prillian Prillian Hungary Ltd. operates the system (Székesfehérvár 8007
PF.128). These Rules include the operation of the system,
and the entry and the conditions of cooperation.
02.01. The company's distributed resource solutions, powders and instant source of gel under the name Prillian
are supplied. A detailed description of the products
www.prillian.hu be viewed on our website.
The exclusive distributor of products Prillian Prillian Hungary Ltd. in the world.
01.04. Ltd. The products are registered for the opportunity to register and can recommend to others.
The registered and they recorded the purchases (sponsored) resp. the registered
Group, Ltd. purchases, after-sales marketing plan, as described in the following
entitled to be credited. The firm has a registered credit or cash
Otherwise, you can adjust the product.
Second The regulations and requirements changes
02.01. Prillian Hungary Ltd. The exclusive right to determine the System Operating Rules,
change and operate the system.
02.02. Change the operating rules of the Internet www.prillian.hu
on the first of the month following the appearance becomes effective.
03.02. The system is informed of the duty of a member of Operating Rules
Amendment, that amendment takes effect. The amendment comes into
from the time of entry, the amended regulations required of registered
continue to work properly, without a separate notice in this regard
receive the Ltd from.
02.04. The amendment of the Rules of Procedure set out explicitly by the registered
be deemed approved, unless the registered manager in writing at any time
statement fails. The statement shall be sent by mail or in person at the next
within the time interval. The post leaves the postmark date of the
amendments enter into force within five (5) working days to be. The registered
by hand delivered notice, Ltd. in the central office to be sent to the modifications
from the date of entry into force (5) working days. In addition, the
Policy Statement in its amendments to the ones registered by specially
shall be deemed accepted if the Ltd. registered to issue an invoice.
05.02. In case, any of the Code, and thus the application
any potential violation of the law, it does not affect the whole of the Regulations,
and other points are valid.
Third In terms of becoming a registered:
03.01. The Prillian Hungary Ltd. (headquarters: 8007 Székesfehérvár, Pf.128.) With the operating agreement
with. The meaning of the Agreement, Ltd. products are sold by
provides access to the discounted price for registered.
03.02. Regisztrálttá who becomes the older individual who Ltd Application Form
send the completed and signed, Ltd. (8007 Székesfehérvár, Pf.128.) and address
entry into /-inch or 10.000HUF 2.000HUF rate / position, and 30000 HUF value of the purchase activity
Ltd. from. The application form and a signatory to this contract is created between LTD. The system
By entering (application form and signed by a) the registered and accepted
will be bound by these Operating Rules section.
03.03. The application form for recording the system assign a registration number of registered.
Thereafter, the registration number for a registered identification.
03.04. The registered and they are entitled to the barter credits each month until
purchase of a regular activity if it does not answer the question
person is entitled to credit marketing plan (see

4th Data Change Report
01.04. The data on the application portion of the variation recorded in writing
communicated. As a result of errors elmulasztásból Ltd. assumes no responsibility.
5.Personal Information Management
05.01. The system registered the application form by completing and signing the contribution
provided data management and storage. Ltd. The information on data protection
According to Hungarian law in force at all times treat.
05.02. The company is registered in the period of registration is personal information stored by
international subsidiaries of a third party to transmit or deliver, who
Prillian Hungary Ltd. under contract with them may be processed in
countries where there are no privacy laws such as the European level
03.05. The registered persons sponsored by them of personal data and
activity was seen on the website by typing in their passwords. The member is not entitled to
it is not registered or viewing your personal information to other network industries.
04.05. The data registered in the system as confidential and shall be
make it accessible to a third party and not to disclose.
05.05. If it were registered in the registered data from that set out in this chapter
or otherwise used for other purposes, a misdemeanor ethics and the Ethics Committee
the procedure entails. If the registration of the registered live up to its
Following termination of the known data it will take, transmit or otherwise
make available to third parties liable for damages.
06.05. Ltd. The registered to the registered information removed at any time request, these requests are
void after registration.
6.The position transfer and inheritance
01.06. The registration number is not transferable to another is not permitted, should not be
collateral can not be loaded and temporarily not allowed to.
02.06. A member of the collected traffic due credit for your purchase of regular and
valid (by proxy and the proxy, signed in front of witnesses) of attorney
may entrust another person. The attorney improperly filled out because of the founders of the credit
performance of refuse. The attorney for the authorized person and Ltd
relationship is not created.
06.03. The position (registration number) of registered death of a hereditary, if the
older heir enters the system and the attendant obligations of the written
undertake a minor declaration of inheritance of individual living conditions in the
Declaration of entry and legal guardians with legal representatives to the
declarations signed on their behalf but the young heir and the expense for the benefit meets.
In the case of the older heir, or her legal representative did not
assume that the legitimate heir to the representatives accountable Ltd and the deceased
registration number will be deleted.
7th The termination of registration, removal (exclusion)
01.07. Registered Ltd has sent a registered letter at any time request the registration
termination of the founders of the month of receipt of notice at the end of the regular scheduled
commission will pay the registration number and deletes the data registered in the register.
07.02. In the event
- Registered in breach of the rules described in this operating
- Prillian marketing of products, the exclusive rights to marketing plan
- Member of the network, who Prillian membership is obviously different business opportunities and / or propagation of products used by the other members of the network toward disqualified and lose all the progress and benefit of the commission is entitled to.
- Network with other companies is prohibited Prillian events or promotion of products. Anyone who does so, the immediate disqualified!
- Prillian products, unauthorized use of the marketing plan (copy)
- Prillian products, marketing plan, untruthful or misleading information
- The interests Ltd. otherwise offensive behavior, and,
- If the registration form, contract or other document by providing false information,
it is against the ethics Ltd carries out a procedure, which is the most serious cases
may end in foreclosure.
07.03. The ethics proceedings against the registrant Ltd will be conducted by the Ethics Committee decision
to .. The ethics committee meeting date to the registered Ltd in writing.
At the meeting, the registrant may be present, but the procedure may be conducted in his absence.
The decision of the Ethics Committee in writing to the President, and then execute.
07.04. Exclusion, the excluded act giving rise to the damage caused Ltd is entitled to
registered credit for payment of the expense and thus included in the current month is
due credit to reduce or withdraw the credit, as a whole. Such
Ltd. does not recognize the case in the current month to settle the legitimate fulfillment or
registered, not part of the company through which the credit for the registered
Ltd. to pick up. In addition to withdrawal of the founders of the credit - if the damage is not
cover - a civil claim against regisztrálttal means.
07.05. The exclusion of the excluded registered 12 months after re-occur in the
Prillian system, but the admission of the Ethics Committee decides Ltd.. In so far as
re-admitted, you will lose all previous entitlement and categories as well.
8.Etikai Committee
01.08. The ethics committee of the registered rules of operation in compliance with the above
matters relating to the conduct described or recorded against each other
discussions of three members acting on a decision of the Board. Ltd. and a member of the members of a
registered, but in the case of independent, impartial person, the chairman of the leader Ltd..
9th Shopping and credit
09.01. The registered holder of the products directly to the Prillian Ltd from its own parts,
discounted purchase price. Buy this product directly Ltd headquarters, or
by mail, the Internet, with a written order. In all three cases, the
recorded registration number.
09.02. Personal shopping occasion of the purchased products against your cash value Ltd.
which it pays to get a receipt. By mail, fax and Internet orders for the occasion
registered in each case the courier service to pay by cash or bank prior
Ltd. will pay for the transfer. On consignment shopping is not possible.
9.3.A member (who is entitled to a commission in cash) per month made by credit
the amount of the month until 15 or by mail. e-mail to receive credit for the previous month
their settlement. The credit is included in the purchase of a registered person and the person with
the context of registered members combined credit value. Those who have registered
companies have not notified of their progress via the internet discount
09.04. The credit note credit for preparing the computer program written information bulletin
indicative of the ongoing processing of traffic data as a result
modified. The previously written notification of the credit is not an acknowledged debt
instrument, the courts may not use. The day of the month due credit of official
Ltd. a leading position in the document can be requested from wearing.
05.09. A member of the credit - choice - for the credit occurred after
purchase or refund the commission to use money.
09.06. The bonus money is only refunded for registrants have the opportunity to
and who is able to account for the cash Ltd. for potential reimbursement
entered into an agreement. Payment is made by and registered by the Ltd
accepted on the basis of a regular account, where the gross value (commission) money
expressed. The payments specified by the registered bank account - bank transfer -
/ Month after 15 / happening. Any payment required and the contractual
document is missing, so they make up the company is entitled to payment of temporary
postpone until the member does not replace them.
10th Marketing Plan
1.10. The marketing plan is registered by a percentage discount based on the available
the allocation of credit. The Marketing Plan Ltd's property. The Marketing Plan Ltd
website can be viewed (www.prillian.hu) Ltd and on the
Headquarters for further information on request.
2.10. Allowance for refund of the purchased products gross (a VAT) prices should be based on
counted and the percentage recovery achieved under the allowance rate is
gross, that is, VAT incl.
11th Ethics Network
1.11. The networking of the problems should be addressed to the leader Ltd.
orally or in writing. The sponsors of registered personal ties with defense
under construction.
12th Miscellaneous
1.12. The products are medicines, medicinal preparation, and their related
Any healer should not make promises. The products to any
ad, advertising, media statements Ltd only with prior written permission of the place.
2.12. Registered in the form of the composition and preparation of any
Changing the way is prohibited. The registered product recommendation, - personal
Sharing experiences with others - and all its activities, particularly
Ltd., and attention to others the honor of the registered business reputation. Fair
competition rules, according to the recommendations of the products when other products are prohibited
3.12. The Prillian Hungary Ltd aims to provide consumers with
those registered directly through feed the Ltd's products, services
the information.
4.12. The member responsible for ensuring that the products described properties
accurately and properly pass on to consumers. The products
providing false information and communication system to result in a disqualification,
or to conduct any compensation for the damage caused by the pipeline.
5.12. Your website or other media publish the prior written Ltd.
license is required, failing which the ethical proceedings being taken. In his own website
be taken into account in the name is the name given to the use of exclusivity and
priority rules: the media, site name, address can not be
deceptively similar to the earlier name and has been used by other public or
machine name or website. The members own websites and other information hódozók
the use of special attention in this contract shall be
that Regulation. (in particular the prohibition of medical statements)
6.12. The rights and obligations arising from this contract under Hungarian law
7.12. The Contracting Parties shall take all peaceful means of dispute settlement endeavor
if this does not resolve the legal dispute, the parties may stipulate in Székesfehérvár
Exclusive jurisdiction of the Court.
8.12. The Prillian Hungary Kft reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions.
2010th August 1

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Me and my daughter started taking the Prillian products two months ago. I have caugh problems which has not changed for one and half a year. But now it is much more better so I m just very glad after this long bad period of my life. Finally my problem is going to be solved....

Andrea Pavelka

Many families with children grew up, where I learned to love the work. My life took a turn to the age of 17, I had to work. Starting from a depth started to build my future. Then the time came when to lead their own businesses.I had to realize that the traditional business,...