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We are so confident that our products provide satisfaction and help being healthier for our customers then we give parallel a 100 %  guarantee for all our products and an instant money back guarantee.

Prillian babies

In order to have baby their mother was taking the Prillian products before conception .

The Prillian system upgrades and maintenance in order to March 31 each year until there is the possibility of renewal. This year 12/31/2013.-ig

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2020-11-21 16:35:00

In 1980 received the first patent, as dietary supplements, and many consumers report that life-changing benefits.

The human body can not use inorganic minerals. Become integral to the body before it can process them.

Schroeder Dr.Henry study also shows the indium helps the human body that can incorporate other trace elements that would otherwise not be utilized. Dr.Henry Schroeder, the kidney is directly proportional to the quantity of copper and manganese were consumed indiummal.

Vitamín D3

2020-04-14 15:26:58

Slávny New England Journal of Medicine, že nedostatok vitamínu D u človeka sa stal celosvetový rozmer. Na rozdiel od mnohých povesťami, vitamínu D postihuje nielen kosti. Nedávno, výskumníci znovu výskum vitamínu D, a mnoho nových a zaujímavých štúdie boli publikované na túto tému.

The ragweed

The ragweed plant is useful, for humanity is edible, and has regular customers, every day of the year. In this case, when young, get it together a little chopped parsley or celery-green, - in itself is not bad either! - And sprinkle with the sandwich, to hold all of my meals (soup, porridge, pasta, sauce, brown rice). At this early age is very much rip and dry it, then I store dried, and throughout the year so I know the food, my food to be dried, crushed to dust.

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Me and my daughter started taking the Prillian products two months ago. I have caugh problems which has not changed for one and half a year. But now it is much more better so I m just very glad after this long bad period of my life. Finally my problem is going to be solved....

Andrea Pavelka

Many families with children grew up, where I learned to love the work. My life took a turn to the age of 17, I had to work. Starting from a depth started to build my future. Then the time came when to lead their own businesses.I had to realize that the traditional business,...